Alex Hall

Senior Graphic Designer


Beer Friday drink of choice:
alcoholic and wet.  Whiskey in small amounts.

What you love most about your work:
that most days, it doesn’t feel like work

Who/What makes you laugh:
my toddler, the things he repeats

Favorite form of exercise:
don’t work out or run, nor will I. Manual labor is great exercise, and also therapeutic.

Brands  that inspire:
Best Made Co., Apple, Shinola

Favorite way to give back:
being nice to others, a smile and wave, holding a door open

Last picture you took with your phone:
not of myself

Favorite compliment you’ve received:
“wise past your years”

Three words used to describe you:
father, tinkerer, honest

Three items you can’t live without:
toilet paper, sunglasses, pocketknife

PC or Mac:

What you know for sure:
that very few people know what they are talking about

Number one on my bucket list:
spend time doing what I love


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