Angie Coakley

Client Relations Supervisor


Beer Friday drink of choice
Give me a glass of Pinot Grigio and I’m HAPPY!

What you love most about your work
What is not to love? People, culture, environment…being part of a team that always exceeds expectations! WOW!

Who/What makes you laugh
James Cordon, Matt Bellassai of ‘Whine About It’ (The Drunk Wine guy…seriously, he drinks wine for a living!! C’mon!), and my husband, for his off-the-wall sense of humor.

Favorite form of exercise
Hmmm….tough one. Running (but not too fast!), Tony Horton (he totally kicks my a$$!), and walking my dogs.

Brands that inspire
Nike, Apple, OPI (I WANT to name their colors!!!)

Favorite way to give back
Anyway I can. Whether it be a smile, holding the door open for someone, or monetarily…they all hold a special place.

Last picture you took with your phone
My daughter playing basketball

Favorite compliment you’ve received
From my daughter “I’m so glad you’re my mom!” Those words have the ability to make me smile at all times!

Three words used to describe you
Soccer mom (is that 2?), Competitive, Fun!

Three items you can’t live without
iPhone, flat-iron, my baseball hat (seriously…it is my all time go-to!)

PC or Mac
Mac…without a doubt. But, I can get by with a PC.

What you know for sure
Life cannot be taken for granted…Live, love and laugh for the here and now.

Number one on my bucket list
Go to Europe with my family…and watch my daughter play soccer on a true, English pitch.

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