Jan Rogers

Receptionist & Assistant Office Manager


Beer Friday drink of choice:

What you love most about your work:
Family atmosphere, being able to bring children & pets to work and the freedom to express yourself out loud (ex. singing, laughing, swearing…)

Who/What makes you laugh:
My grandkids and laughing babies always make me laugh

Favorite form of exercise:
Walking with my sweetheart

Brands that inspire:
Anything on HGTV

Favorite way to give back:
Randomly to random strangers. It’s an RP thing.

Last picture you took with your phone:
Pics of my granddaughter & nieces going to the Afro American Ball

Favorite compliment you’ve received:
“Jan can make it happen.” Stated by my big brother while coordinating his wedding.

Three words used to describe you:
Faithful, family-oriented, creative

Three items you can’t live without:
Good music, good food and family.

PC or Mac:
PC by default

What you know for sure:
What I know for sure is the Lord and my mother loves me unconditionally.

Number one on my bucket list:
Tour Paris in the summer.

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