Joel Hochanadel

Beer Friday drink of choice:
a Leinenkugel or dry white wine

What you love most about your work:
collaborating to string pretty words together

Who/What makes you laugh:
Izzy, my cat, Jim Jefferies

Favorite form of exercise:
elliptical machine, tennis

Brands that inspire:
Apple, National Parks, Jeep

Favorite way to give back:
anything to help the Alzheimer’s Association or organizations for seniors

Last picture you took with your phone:
my dinner last night … yeah, I’m one of those guys

Favorite compliment you’ve received:
I loved your draft

Three words used to describe you:
funny, loyal, empathetic

Three items you can’t live without:
iPhone, iPad, coffee

PC or Mac:

What you know for sure:
never say never

Number one on my bucket list:
a week in Paris

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