Martha Vetter

Founder/Chief Executive Officer


Beer Friday drink:
Yes, please

What you love most about your work:
The camaraderie of a great team

Who/What makes you laugh:
Susan G’s laugh from the other end of the building

Favorite form of exercise:
Tennis and swimming are my favorites. Walking Izzy and puttering in my garden are my reality

Brands that inspire:
Dove, Sharpie, Under Armour

Favorite way to give back:
Chicks for Charity (of course)

Last picture you took with your phone:
Close up of a flower in my garden

Favorite compliment you’ve received:
My mom recently told me she was proud of how I’m always conscious of other people’s needs and feelings

Three words used to describe you:
Tired, positive, blessed

Three items you can’t live without:
Diet Cherry Pepsi, a good book, Friday evenings

PC or Mac:
I have an iPhone, iPad and a Mac…but my security blanket is my PC

What you know for sure:
Whether it’s love, money or credit for a job well done…the more you give away, the more you have.

Number one on my bucket list:
Make time for my bucket list

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