Susan Gdowik

Chief Creative Officer


Beer Friday drink of choice:
I like to save my dirty martinis for Monday, serve me up a peeknot griggeeo!

What do you love most about your work:

Who/What makes you laugh:
inappropriate humor

What is your favorite form of exercise:
walking to the Keurig each morning

Brands that inspire:
Jonathon Adler

Favorite way to give back:
a hand up

Last picture you took with your phone:
last night’s entree

Favorite compliment you’ve received:
“we missed you at the office yesterday, it was too quiet here!”

Three words to describe you:
smartass, determined, lush

Three items you can’t live without:
iPad, Chopin Vodka and Ariat Fatbabies

PC or Mac:
do you need to ask?

What do you know for sure:
You gotta do what you gotta do, to be who you wanna be!

Number one on my bucket list:
craft camp

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