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Have you been watching April, the pregnant giraffe from New York? If you’re like me and millions of others around the world, the answer is yes. Wouldn’t it be great to get this kind of attention for your brand?

Here at R/P, we’ve had the live stream video on one of our common area TVs for the past few weeks. We’ve all been waiting in high anticipation for the big moment to come. During our wait, we started wondering how the live stream video captured our attention and how it has seized our attention for so long. With over 100,000 people watching at any given time, this video is an impactful way to introduce the world to April’s home, Animal Adventure Park. And, with live streaming tools available across social media platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Periscope, etc.), there’s pretty much no limit to what brands and businesses can do to reach the world. Here are my thoughts on how you can put this tactic to work for you.

Viewers want to feel they are part of an exclusive event when they tune into a live stream video. After all, how many people can say they have witnessed the birth of a baby giraffe? Our culture’s FOMO drives people of all ages and occupations to take part in the magic. Likewise, brands can use live streaming to extend their experience and their story to new audiences.

Similarly, live streaming creates impromptu engagement. Anyone can join in on the action at anytime from anywhere. We no longer have to be on site to engage with a moment. Live stream videos provide easy access to people all over the country to engage with something happening wherever it’s happening. No planning necessary; people simply connect via social networks.

Finally, and arguably most importantly, live streaming provides consumers with real-time access to brands and companies. While we do our best to share messages and build relationships with the public through all means of marketing, live stream videos give viewers an extra level of transparency that can’t be given through any other medium. This transparency then leads to a deeper level of trust between consumers and companies.

So are you ready to do a live stream video for your company? What captivating aspects of your brand do you want to share through this thriving platform? Here are a few ideas to get your brainstorming session started:

  • Educate – film an employee sharing how-to’s or compelling industry or product info.
  • Host a Q&A – use social networks to answer burning questions about trends.
  • Special announcements – announce a new product, new feature or a new hire.
  • Events or speakers – host your TED-style event and share it live with people who can’t physically be there, but are interested in the subject matter.
  • Behind the scenes – show a glance at new product development or a day in the life of senior leaders.

Once you know what you would like to stream, the next question is how. Each social platform has instructions on how to share live video, but as an example here is a link to live streaming through YouTube.

By following these thoughts and guidelines on live stream videos as a marketing tactic, your brand could be on its way to becoming as popular as a pregnant giraffe. Don’t be afraid to “stick your neck out” and give it a shot! Oh, and if you want to jump in on the live giraffe birth, here’s April’s video.


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