How Effective Are Super Bowl Ads?

After social media has turned to its next topic and Monday morning watercooler talk moves onto the upcoming day, do brands really get a boost from their Super Bowl ads? The Super Bowl brings [...]

Blurred Lines: Marketing and Public Relations

In my view, there never has been a hard line between PR and advertising. It’s more like a continuum with true paid media (the traditional :30 TV spot still resonates for many audiences) on one [...]

Brand Journalism and Content Marketing … Same or Different?

Lately, I have been reading numerous articles about brand journalism and content marketing. I read so many articles on the topic mainly because of the differing viewpoints I discovered. One [...]

A super impact?

Dan_staticNot surprisingly [...]

Zhushing, Tzotchkes and a Little S’um, S’um

Final thoughts from our intern

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Making the Emotional Connection

A conversation [...]