Is Marketing Hurting Your Sales Efforts?

Marketing that centers on your company shows you don’t understand your target customer. When your customer doesn’t think you get them, you don't get

Where Are the Social Media Innovations for Boomers?

Snapchat has been embraced particularly by Millennials and younger generations. This blog space is regularly pointing out the discrepancy between the [..]

50+ Marketing Needs A (Serious) Rebrand

Very few brands actually are talking to baby boomers as anything other than “senior citizens.” Boomers are not aging like their parents before them.

Capturing Audience Engagement through Live Stream Videos

Have you been watching April, the pregnant giraffe from New York? If you’re like me and millions of others around the world, the answer is yes. Wouldn’t it be great to get this kind of attention [...]

How Effective Are Super Bowl Ads?

After social media has turned to its next topic and Monday morning watercooler talk moves onto the upcoming day, do brands really get a boost from their Super Bowl ads? The Super Bowl brings [...]

Blurred Lines: Marketing and Public Relations

In my view, there never has been a hard line between PR and advertising. It’s more like a continuum with true paid media (the traditional :30 TV spot still resonates for many audiences) on one [...]

The Key to Successful Information Design

You may be familiar with “information design.” It is about designing how information is consumed. Architecting the information. Producing clarity out of the complex. As a visual communicator, I [...]

4 Sure-Fire Ways to Compel Your Audience to Act Again and Again

Crafting intriguing subject lines? Posting blogs that drive readers all the way through the story? Constructing CTAs that customers can’t help but clicking? When it comes to creating compelling [...]

Right Here, Right Now – The 5 Biggest Takeaways from Content Marketing World 2015

Do you sometimes feel like you’re “building a hybrid car while speeding down a highway,” as Jeffrey K. Rohrs, CMO at Yext, puts it? Striving to integrate the traditional with the “new” while [...]