Dueling Attributes: Selecting the Right Spokesperson for Your Brand

When choosing a spokesperson, you must select someone who can walk the fine line between passionate brand storyteller & thoughtful speaker who thinks

Maria Sharapova’s Honesty is Refreshing Strategy

Typically, when an athlete fails a drug test, we are conditioned to expect an angry denial followed by a litany of excuses detailing how there is no way the test could be accurate. We have seen [...]

Blurred Lines: Marketing and Public Relations

In my view, there never has been a hard line between PR and advertising. It’s more like a continuum with true paid media (the traditional :30 TV spot still resonates for many audiences) on one [...]

4 Sure-Fire Ways to Compel Your Audience to Act Again and Again

Crafting intriguing subject lines? Posting blogs that drive readers all the way through the story? Constructing CTAs that customers can’t help but clicking? When it comes to creating compelling [...]

Right Here, Right Now – The 5 Biggest Takeaways from Content Marketing World 2015

Do you sometimes feel like you’re “building a hybrid car while speeding down a highway,” as Jeffrey K. Rohrs, CMO at Yext, puts it? Striving to integrate the traditional with the “new” while [...]

Are Celebrity Endorsements Worth the Risk?

Lately, Subway® has been making national headlines, but these aren’t the kind of headlines a brand wants. Here are some of the unfortunate headlines: CNN – “Subway’s Jared Fogle, from inspiration [...]

Brand Journalism and Content Marketing … Same or Different?

Lately, I have been reading numerous articles about brand journalism and content marketing. I read so many articles on the topic mainly because of the differing viewpoints I discovered. One [...]

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