Where Are the Social Media Innovations for Boomers?

Snapchat has been embraced particularly by Millennials and younger generations. This blog space is regularly pointing out the discrepancy between the [..]

Agency Life 101: Five key takeaways from my first year at R/P

Just recently, I had my first anniversary of my start date at R/P Marketing Public Relations. While the time has gone by rather quickly, it is astonishing to think back on how much I’ve learned [...]

A super impact?

Dan_staticNot surprisingly [...]

Final thoughts from our intern

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Better Together

At our firm, we have a core belief that while we each have individual strengths that should be cultivated and celebrated, when it comes to the business of serving our clients, we are always [...]

My Experiences as “The Intern”

Agency experience is a must have for every beginning PR practitioner. After being at R/P only a short time, I have come to the conclusion that agency experience is an important component to [...]

Number Crunching

So here we are, at the end of March – and the first quarter is over. Now it begins in earnest. I’m talking about the regular “adjustment” of housing starts forecasts…where every month, we see a [...]

Owning vs. Renting – Has the Equation Changed?

For the past couple of years, we’ve repeatedly heard that all the demographic data point to the need for millions of new homes in the coming decades. In my mind, there’s a whole lot of [...]

Ignoring the Pundits of Wall Street

The pundits of Wall Street and Washington have done a great job of scaring many businesses to a stand still. Personally, I’m pretty sure the longer we stand still the longer it will take to get [...]