Where Are the Social Media Innovations for Boomers?

Snapchat has been embraced particularly by Millennials and younger generations. This blog space is regularly pointing out the discrepancy between the [..]

Capturing Audience Engagement through Live Stream Videos

Have you been watching April, the pregnant giraffe from New York? If you’re like me and millions of others around the world, the answer is yes. Wouldn’t it be great to get this kind of attention [...]

How Effective Are Super Bowl Ads?

After social media has turned to its next topic and Monday morning watercooler talk moves onto the upcoming day, do brands really get a boost from their Super Bowl ads? The Super Bowl brings [...]

Building Business with Instagram

For many businesses, Instagram takes a backseat to other social media channels. With Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, we often find that we don’t need yet another platform for sharing content. [...]

Are Celebrity Endorsements Worth the Risk?

Lately, Subway® has been making national headlines, but these aren’t the kind of headlines a brand wants. Here are some of the unfortunate headlines: CNN – “Subway’s Jared Fogle, from inspiration [...]

Pinning for Productivity

The last few years have seen the influx of social media into just about every aspect of our lives. There are social options for nearly all interests affording ways to connect with people from all [...]

Should I Wiki? Answer these questions first

Brian TippingWhen determining what value a [...]

Social Media Engagement

Sorting Through the Social Media Landscape

Pinterest Revealed

If [...]

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