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Today we made a difference, but didn’t make a dime. The beauty of our business is not that we “are” the solution, but that we can “find” the solution. As PR professionals, we communicate messages to those who are best suited to hear – and react – to them.

Just over a year ago, 16-year-old Bri lost her leg in a tragic train accident that claimed the life of her best friend, Cody. Her family had been on the financial edge prior to the accident, and things had only gotten worse. Now, Bri was confined to a wheelchair because her family was unable to connect to the resources that would help her get some of her independence back.

In no way are we qualified to get Bri a leg. However, we do know healthcare and we do know how to develop and “pitch” key messages. In true PR fashion, we felt compelled to drive positive results through communication. So, since the beginning of the year, our team and many others have spent hours and hours trying to connect the dots between healthcare providers, experts in prosthetic devices, school systems, business people and wonderful philanthropists … all in an effort to help Bri get back on her feet. (In this case, both literally and figuratively.)

Give PR professionals a puzzle that’s a tangled mess and they will find a way to solve it. Usually it’s for paying clients with business problems; but sometimes, we get to help those truly in need and the payment is watching a young girl taking her first steps on a new leg. It’s knowing she is one step closer to regaining the part of her life where she can again play basketball and march in the band at Friday night football games.

Today was a good R/P day.

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