Donate Life Ohio

Exceeding Goals – Saving Lives


Donate Life Ohio (DLO) is a collaboration of Ohio’s organ and tissue donation organizations. In response to a challenge from Donate Life America, DLO sought to add 240,000 new registrants annually to the Ohio Donor Registry.


We developed two successful efforts – the Do It Now! College Challenge and the Green Chair campaign.

We helped student organizations of nearly 20 Ohio colleges facilitate donor registration events on their campuses and in their local communities. On the heels of those efforts, we introduced the DLO Green Chair. We all know people who have a favorite chair, where all you have to do is see the chair to picture the person who sits in it. R/P had people sit in the Green Chair and share their connection to organ and tissue donation – from recipients to donor families to those waiting for a transplant.

Supported by an emotional, statewide media campaign, the chair traveled throughout Ohio appearing at hospitals, health fairs and sporting events. The grassroots interaction was promoted through social networking via photos and viral videos.


DLO achieved and surpassed the goal of 240,000 new donor registrations each year (year one and year two goals were exceeded by 12 percent and 18 percent respectively), ultimately reaching a four-year registration goal in just three years.

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