Nice Bridgework


HNTB is one of the top transportation design firms in the country and was selected to head up the Veterans’ Glass City Skyway project in downtown Toledo – the largest bridge project in the history of the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT). As a major, multi-year project, HNTB knew that the new bridge would have a profound, lasting impact on Toledo’s traffic flow, skyline and surrounding neighborhoods. HNTB asked R/P to highlight the many benefits the bridge would provide and solicit the community’s opinion on key design and aesthetic decisions.


We leveraged the power of the press, direct marketing and advertising to keep the public informed about major phases of the project. Communities were invited to public forums to voice their opinions and concerns. By managing more than 40 public meetings, publishing monthly construction progress bulletins and an ongoing newsletter, the public stayed informed of all developments. The public actively participated in everything from selecting the bridge’s name and design to how to use the land beneath when it was finished.


“R/P has been a valuable partner for our project. Ohio Governor Bob Taft said R/P’s community involvement approach was a new and effective way for ODOT to conduct business.”

– Lee Holloway, project manager for HNTB

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