Prescribing Marketing IQ


Humana® is one of the nation’s largest publicly traded health insurance companies, with approximately seven million medical members. Humana offers a broad range of health insurance products and is a major provider of Medicare prescription drug plans.

Humana leaders – and their competitors – were jostling for position as the deadline for enrolling seniors into Medicare Advantage and prescription drug plans neared. Humana asked R/P to provide strategic marketing and advertising assistance in 13 states across the Midwest, many of which were expansion markets for the company. From Topeka to Tulsa, from Detroit to Des Moines, Humana called on R/P to equip sales teams with the intelligence to hit their targets.


R/P prescribed comprehensive, demographic-based Market Action Plans that afforded newly hired sales staff in unfamiliar territory the facts to find their audience fast. R/P armed Humana employees with market intelligence that provided details about their competitors, avenues to seniors, demographics and local flavor. In addition, in less than six months, R/P researched, planned and placed more than $2 million in advertising, including more than one million pieces of direct mail, and issued news releases across 200 media markets that steered seniors to Humana’s essential seminars.


“R/P gave us detailed and useful information that would have been next to impossible to pull together during our ramped-up schedule. They functioned as an extension of our team.”

– Brian Thornton, director of sales for Humana

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