Mercy Health Partners

A Brand Campaign in Moments


Actually finding meaningful experiences on which to base the telling of the Mercy brand story wasn’t the issue. Mercy is an established organization with a deep history, meaningful mission and countless positive ties to the communities they serve. What was a challenge was identifying the most relevant story elements, shaping the message, and crafting an engaging and worthy campaign … in just ten weeks.


R/P worked with the Mercy team to accelerate the strategic and creative planning phases of the project without compromising the integrity of the outcomes. In breaking down the core strengths of the organization and the brand itself, it became apparent that positive Mercy associations – for almost every person that touched the organization – came down to very specific moments. Thus, Mercy “Moments” was born.

Using actual patients and physicians in the campaign created scheduling challenges, to say the least, but featuring “real” people with real stories was a point too important to the central theme to concede. To counter these obstacles, R/P fast-tracked the approval process by involving Mercy’s executive leadership in the earliest stages of strategic and creative decision-making. This proved a critical time saver … as did some highly choreographed and tightly scheduled days of shooting and editing.


The comprehensive campaign, which included a 90-second and two 30-second TV spots, as well as print, digital and outdoor ads, launched on time. Just as importantly, the Board, physicians, client and agency celebrated the campaign as capturing the true spirit of the Mercy brand and mission and providing a strong point of pride for the organization.

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