Mercy Health Partners

What's In a Name


Changing the name of any organization can be difficult. When that organization is a hospital system with close ties to the community, the change can bring even more challenges. In fact, “Community” was literally the name being changed. Our charge was to assist in promoting the change from “Community” to “Mercy” and build awareness of the new Mercy brand.


We saw the opportunity to use the name change campaign as an outward reflection of the positive organizational changes already underway. Through a multi-media campaign, we illustrated the benefits of the move to Mercy by highlighting specific areas of enhancements for patients and physicians, and linking these points of pride directly to the adoption of the new brand.


Within six weeks of the campaign launch, awareness of the Mercy brand rivaled that of the leading healthcare organization in the region. No small feat considering the competitive organization was ranked the fourth best hospital in the country by U.S. News & World Report.

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