Tremco Barrier Solutions

Adding a New Line


Tremco Barrier Solutions manufactures products to protect newly constructed homes against the elements. They were launching a new basement waterproofing product, WATCHDOG WATERPROOFING®, to complement their highly successful – and premium priced – TUFF-N-DRI® Basement Waterproofing System. The goal was to introduce the new line and not steal sales from the existing line.


We developed a literature series and trade ad campaign that encouraged readers to “Think WATCHDOG WATERPROOFING.” Literature contrasted the two products by suggesting readers think of the one “as a poncho for your basement” and the other “as a hardhat for your basement.” Stylized “thought bubble” graphics helped the materials stand out from the competition.


“Within three years of introduction, WATCHDOG WATERPROOFING was appearing among the top five basement waterproofing products in builder preference studies – all without cannibalizing sales from TUFF-N-DRI.”

– Tom Cullivan, marketing manager for Tremco Barrier Solutions

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