Vinyl Siding Institute

Siding with Success


The Vinyl Siding Institute (VSI) is the trade association for vinyl and other polymeric siding. Though vinyl siding is America’s most preferred exterior cladding, restrictions or outright bans on vinyl siding were being considered by misinformed planners, builders, zoning boards and other gatekeepers.


We helped develop and implement an integrated, multi-year marketing strategy, centered on the theme America Sides with Vinyl. R/P researched key audiences and created attention-grabbing tools to educate them about today’s vinyl siding. Tactics have included a high-profile presence at trade shows, such as the International Builders’ Show, and an arsenal of collateral materials.


The latest census data shows vinyl siding not only maintaining its share but actually increasing it over the past three years.

“R/P helped us establish consistent, creative key messages and materials with the ability to position us for years to come.”

– Jery Y. Huntley, VSI President & CEO

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