Libbey Case Study

Recipes for success

By positioning Libbey’s vast selection of tableware in the context of today’s hottest food and beverage trends, we helped foodservice professionals see Libbey products as part of the palette to create unforgettable dining experiences. The approach increased sales, media coverage, and requests for more content.

The Challenge/Opportunity

Libbey, the undisputed leader in glassware, wanted to own the conversation for the entire tabletop and entice the entire foodservice industry to join in – boosting Libbey’s reputation and sales along the way.


Discovering Real Perspectives

Libbey needed to better understand what fueled their customers’ business drive. To get their target audiences’ real perspectives, RP asked them directly. We talked to chefs and mixologists. Restaurateurs and sommeliers. Directors of dining and hospitality.


We found a common thread: Pure joy for creating and presenting an uncommon dining experience. Inspired cuisine. Signature cocktails. Unexpected pairings.

The best part? Libbey’s product offerings could play a major role in bringing these professionals’ creative visions to life. The right dinnerware, drinkware and serveware are much more than platforms and vessels for food and beverages. They’re part of the magic. They amplify visual appeal, aroma and flavor.

Libbey was compelled to match their customers’ fire for creating unforgettable dining experiences.

Diving in with Raw Passion

RP researched the hottest current and upcoming trends in dining and drinking. What new tastes were gaining popularity? What serving styles and vibes were on the rise? What trends were attracting patrons in droves and bringing them back for more?


Using trend data, Libbey pulled the market to them as an expert source of information,inspiration and innovation. By putting their products and services in context of the trends, Libbey became a true collaborator in growing food and beverage profitability, not just a supplier of table settings.

As part of this strategy, RP crafted our findings into content called Libbey Professional Insights to help customers capitalize on today’s hottest dining trends. A full arsenal of marketing, PR and promotional tactics showcased how the beauty and versatility of Libbey products help foodservice professionals realize their creative expressions. Through these on-trend presentations, Libbey’s customers are able to capture patrons’ imaginations, increase traffic and command upsells.



Delivering Rare Performance

According to a host of meaningful metrics, the strategy is working. Libbey is benefiting from increased sales, positive feedback and invitations to participate in a growing number of premium industry events. With the launch of Libbey Professional Insights, Libbey gained a media share of voice more than twice that of the closest competitor and requests for more content.


  • Audience analysis
  • Qualitative research
  • Data mining of existing research
  • Persona development
  • Audience-specific messaging
  • Creative development
  • Content strategy and creation
  • Media relations and earned media
  • Sales/customer experience design

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