Starting Conversations

Truth be told, we’re in the relationship business. What is the fundamental building block of any relationship? Communication. And the essence of communication? Conversations.

The art of conversation means listening – really listening – instead of thinking about what to say next or waiting for your turn to talk.

The art of marketing includes learning what your customer really wants instead of leading with what your product or service offers.

R/P achieves the art of marketing through the art of conversation. With your customers. With your employees. With your industry.

This is what Starting Conversations® is all about.

In this perpetually connected, constantly communicating era in which we live, there never has been a greater premium on meaningful conversation. What should you be saying to whom? How often? Through what channels?

Starting Conversations is a discipline, a commitment to conducting purposeful engagements with key audiences on their terms. It’s an approach that has a proven track record in helping clients express their brands, grow their business and build customer loyalty.

Head over to our case studies to see our results or contact us to dig a little deeper.

(So, what famous person would you like to have dinner with?)

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