Dueling Attributes: Selecting the Right Spokesperson for Your Brand

When choosing a spokesperson, you must select someone who can walk the fine line between passionate brand storyteller & thoughtful speaker who thinks

Is Marketing Hurting Your Sales Efforts?

Marketing that centers on your company shows you don’t understand your target customer. When your customer doesn’t think you get them, you don't get

Where Are the Social Media Innovations for Boomers?

Snapchat has been embraced particularly by Millennials and younger generations. This blog space is regularly pointing out the discrepancy between the [..]

50+ Marketing Needs A (Serious) Rebrand

Very few brands actually are talking to baby boomers as anything other than “senior citizens.” Boomers are not aging like their parents before them.

Avoiding Death by PowerPoint

Love it or hate it, as professional communicators, many of us regularly use PowerPoint as a resource and presentation tool in the workplace. PowerPoint is a great program, not only for presenters [...]

Capturing Audience Engagement through Live Stream Videos

Have you been watching April, the pregnant giraffe from New York? If you’re like me and millions of others around the world, the answer is yes. Wouldn’t it be great to get this kind of attention [...]

Lessons from Super Bowl Ads: Social Media Strategy

Tom Brady, or Melissa McCarthy? Game-changing plays, or brand-building spots? If you watched the big game last night, did you watch it for the game – or was all that football interrupting your [...]

R/P Brings on Stephanie Johnston as Agency President

HOLLAND, OH, April 13, 2016 – R/P Marketing Public Relations welcomes Stephanie Johnston as part of the agency’s leadership team. Johnston will serve as President and is an equity partner in the [...]

Maria Sharapova’s Honesty is Refreshing Strategy

Typically, when an athlete fails a drug test, we are conditioned to expect an angry denial followed by a litany of excuses detailing how there is no way the test could be accurate. We have seen [...]

How Effective Are Super Bowl Ads?

After social media has turned to its next topic and Monday morning watercooler talk moves onto the upcoming day, do brands really get a boost from their Super Bowl ads? The Super Bowl brings [...]

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