What We Stand For

Enjoy the Ride

Enjoy the RideAchieving results for our clients is always our focus, but why not have fun getting there? We believe our clients and our team should enjoy the process. We foster a friendly, relaxed environment that inspires curiosity, conversation, and creativity – with room for laughs along the way.

Leverage Our Strengths

“Well rounded” is overrated. Every RPer has five words posted in their offices, their top strengths based on the Clifton Strengths Finder Profile. We’re all great at different things, and we’ve learned it’s better to focus on maximizing strengths and celebrating uniqueness rather than “fixing” weaknesses.

Make Courageous Decisions

Outperforming the competition often means trying things they haven’t thought, or dared, to do. We take calculated risks and encourage you to embrace boldness too – meeting discomfort with courage and conviction.

Give Back

Our community and our industry have been good to RP. We believe strongly in giving something back, and even created Chicks for Charity to support local, “under the radar” charities.

Assume Positive Intent

It’s not often you hear an agency talk about its intentions, but at RP, it’s a hallmark. Our actions are motivated by a desire to make our work and world continuously better.

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